Pat Kuykendoll

I encountered Motherless Daughters Ministry when seeking someone who could minister to a teen motherless daughter. I began to see the challenges that a teen might experience as I stood in the role as nurturer to a special teen in my life, a motherless daughter. I was asked this poignant question by Motherless Daughters Ministry that evoked such a deep sense of aloneness, “Who takes care of you?” What resonated deep within was that I felt alone in my experience whether it be challenge or blessing. Although I had talked about my experiences with friends who genuinely care, I longed for people to ‘feel’ my experience. I needed to be understood in a way that transcended words. There are others that share this role of caretaker or nurturer of a motherless daughter. We need not walk this path alone. It is time to enlist the power of connection so we may be strengthened for the work that we are called to do.