DW (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The class has made me recognize now many other women are out there with similar circumstances as mine with their own mother that’s worse than mine.  This class has helped me organize my thoughts about just the certain ways her behavior has left a gap or hole in my personality. Taking this class has given me an opportunity to discuss with my son daughter and husband how my mother has been around me.  And to hear their responses has been somewhat surprising. It has also given me and my husband a chance to come together on seeing the ways she has affected our marriage. It has given me a better understanding of his viewpoint and how he also suffered.  Taking this class has helped me get clear about her behaviors towards me and how they affected me.  Taking this class has introduced me to five amazing women whom I hope to run into again.  Having taken this class has given me a better perspective and empathy for the other women in my life who say they had difficult mothers.