J.B. (The Journey Retreat)

I have been involved with the ministry for a few years and have taken nearly all the classes offered. This retreat was a life-changing opportunity for me! From the small group sessions to the larger group actions, every facet of the program is carefully woven together. My mother passed away just weeks after my 12th birthday and I didn’t fully begin the grieving process until 2019 when I had outlived her. For those of you who may think, “I should be over this by now;” or “so much time has passed, I should be able to handle this …” this retreat will pour into your heart and soul. I have never been surrounded by a group of women who “get it” until working with this ministry. Through every step, you will have compassionate women by your side who will help you, pray with you, support and lift you up. I have often felt alone in my grief. And while each individual has their own grief journey, there are many things that motherless daughters all have in common. That feeling of being alone.

Also, this retreat isn’t just for daughters who lost their mothers due to death. If your mother was narcistic or emotionally absent, this retreat will greatly benefit you! I learned that even though my mother died, I still experienced emotional absence as a result of her death. This wasn’t by her choice; however, emotional absence was there nonetheless. My father remarried and I found myself being co-parented by a narcistic step-mother. The nurturing that you miss due to death, narcissism or emotional absence has no doubt had a significant impact on me. This retreat helped me understand why I respond the way I do in relationships and certain situations. Furthermore, it gave me a closer look into my own marriage and the mothering of my adult kids.

I left the retreat with a renewed sense of being seen and understood. I left with a new tribe of sisters! I am forever grateful for this ministry and the amazing programs that are offered. I promise that this retreat will be well worth your time and money. It is life-changing!