Leslie (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The Emotionally Absent Mother class has helped me in my journey for healing with my mother loss. I have learned so much about myself. Understanding why I am the way I am and what has helped to shape me into who I am.

Understanding that what happened to me as a young child (and throughout) effects how I see myself and others. Therefore, it shapes my relationships. I learned my attachment style as a result of my class.

This class has also shown me how to contradict my fears with truth. The fears and lies I’ve carried for all my life, I’ve now had tangible contradictions that I can see and prove them wrong. We’ve been able to share our insights and thoughts and reflections. Helping one another in our journeys.

The ability and chance to write a Good Mother letter was such a healing to me personally. At first, it was difficult, but then as soon as the pen touched the paper it was as if my mom had come to life on paper. It was cathartic for me.

The tangible activities that we did in class, the Legos, was a neat insight into our emotionally absent world, as well. All of the homework activities and classes have helped me in my Motherless Daughter’s journey and Cathy and Mary Ellen . . . . I love you guys. Thank you for leading this class for us.