If you would have told me even a couple years ago I would be sitting in a class called Motherless Daughters I would not believe you. I would not have ever considered myself to be a “Motherless Daughter.” I knew I had difficulties in my relationship with my mom through the years, but I would not have called myself “motherless.” From the outside looking in on my family growing up most people would be jealous to have a mom like mine. Some of my friends were. My mother was very involved in my life always. She took me everywhere, was PTA president, worked at the schools, was my girl scout leader, went to all my dance practices and recitals, was always buying me things, was at my house helping when both of my sons were born, and is a very involved grandmother even today. I always felt confused and like something was wrong with me because I felt like I wanted to get away from my mom, it felt like I wanted to crawl into a shell and hide around her, I did not REALLY feel loved by her, and I always felt I had this deep mom brokenness in my heart ever since I can remember. (more…)