Pam (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

One of the greatest things I learned in this class is that I am not alone in the mother loss experience. It has helped me be more courageous and vulnerable as I heard other women candidly share their stores. This class has helped me to explore the whys behind some areas of struggle in my life. It has been a time of uncovering childhood roots to problems I experience now as an adult. Finding the root is step one on the journey to resolving the issue.

As I’ve looked at my childhood experience with my mom, I’ve grieved, I’ve been angry, I’ve cried, and I’ve released a mix of anxiety and emotions and have come to experience greater peace. I’ve made progress and there is still more progress to be made. I’ve embraced that healing is a process and that any progress is to be celebrated.  Life is a journey to be lived on day at a time.