Sherry (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

This class has given me HOPE, and a positive direction in life. I have learned to broaden my outlook . . . to understand that there are many, many more facets to life than I had understood previously.

It has been helpful to hear others’ stories, to understand that many people have dealt with dysfunction even worse than mine. I realize that we are all a selfish, broken people and God’s love and inspiration is sometimes the only thing that can carry us out of the brokenness of our lives and into a blessed, hopeful sight of better days to come.

This class has allowed me to see my potential in life! I pray that God would allow me to realize my fullest potential, to grow into and become all that HE means for me to be. The future is bright and exciting because of HIS love and faithfulness.  HE can take the tough stuff of my past life and help me to do good all for His kingdom.