Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek

Matthew 4:1-11

If You Will…I Will….

I know this isn’t true, but sometimes I feel like God wrote the Bible just for me. He knows that I don’t learn through flow charts, statistics, lists or anything like that. He knows I learn through stories and pictures that I can see, feel, and touch. As I read this story, I can imagine myself right there listening to the interaction between Jesus and Satan. Every sense God has given me comes alive as I watch how Satan works and how Jesus stops him in his tracks.

  1. Satan studies his target personality and weaknesses. He goes to church, learns what we are being taught, and manipulates the information. He knows the Bible better than most Christians. He spent 40 days with Jesus studying him and tempting him.
  2. Jesus doesn’t argue or carry on a conversation with Satan. He answers Satan with scripture. Satan doesn’t argue. He changes the topic to another topic. This tells me that Satan reads the scriptures.
  3. Satan waited for just the right time to tempt Jesus. In verse 1, the Holy Spirit leads Jesus into the desert alone to be tempted. Jesus didn’t bring his buddies, but He did have the Holy Spirit with him. Satan waited until Jesus was very vulnerable. After 40 days of fasting, Satan gave it his best shot. In verses 2-3 he tempted Jesus when He was hungry.
  4. After spending 40 days of fasting and successfully confronting and eluding temptation, Satan decided it was time to appeal to Jesus’ ego (verses 5-6). He fails miserably when Jesus answers with scripture.
  5. Satan is bold and doesn’t care how bodacious his lies are. In verses 8-9 he promises to give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. Satan can’t give what he doesn’t possess. He can’t deliver riches, fame or success because he doesn’t have it.

It is imperative to know what the Bible says. In the wise words from Lecrae, “The less time you spend with the Truth, the easier it is to believe the lies.”

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