Necklace or Noose

By: Cindy Stepanek

We all have baggage from our past. We carry it around with us as if it were the family fortune. We hold it close and protect it from the light. One of my precious pieces of baggage is the need to make people laugh during serious situations. Recently, I had the opportunity to display this special piece of luggage when I was faced with a touching presentation.

It all started as a spoof about an exercise that is used during a Motherless Daughters Class. Flip chart paper became the beautiful Flo Flip Chart. Post-it notes became alive in the bubbly Post-it Patty as she left a trail of Post It notes. Potatoes were carefully crafted into a gaudy necklace and modeled by Poppy Potato, who couldn’t find her potatoes. Without a pre-written script and flying by the seat of our pants, one simple answer turned this prank into a lesson to remember. Poppy asked Patty, “Have you seen my potatoes?”

Patty innocently responded, “They’re around your neck, can’t you see them?”

My heart gasped, the weight of the potatoes became heavier and tighter around my neck. The stale smell of potatoes was becoming a stench as I realized the impact of her silly little answer.

The baggage we carry is no different than the bejeweled potato necklace I was wearing. In the beginning it is painful, but we hold onto it, stroke its ego, and allow it to make its home in our heart. The burden is heavy, but we become accustomed to its weight. We become blind to it as we sweep it under the rug. No matter how hard we try to hide our junk, it is there for the world to see – a noose strangling us. It is a stench that poisons our life and those around us interfering with our relationships, growth, and healing. What is the name of your junk, your baggage or potato?

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WOW! I saw the skit but you’ve turned a silly thing into a powerful visual lesson. Thank you Cindy!

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