One Word Challenge

By: Julie Thompson

Welcome to 2016! For many, this means New Years Resolutions. For me, I’ve never been a fan of them. If you don’t make them, you can’t break them, right?

Last New Years Eve, I gathered with a group of friends. One of them mentioned how she heard on the radio that instead of making New Years Resolutions, people were encouraged to focus on just one word. As we went around the room to share our one word, I knew what word I wanted to focus on for the upcoming year. It was a word that had been on my mind quite a bit: OBEY.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal about that night:

“I want to obey God’s promptings in the small things and the big things. I want to step out in faith to what He calls me to do, knowing that somehow, someway, His glory will be revealed in the end. I want faith to be stronger than fear.  Ultimately, I want to obey out of love so that others can also experience His love. If God wants to use me to be a part of His great love story then I’m all in. “

During 2015, I focused on obeying God’s promptings. Some were easy to follow, but most of them were challenging. Each time that I obeyed, though, I was encouraged to take the next step. The toughest steps were also the ones which eventually led me to experience more peace and healing.

I started thinking about what I wanted my one word to be for 2016.

This year, my one word is: SHARE.

I started a blog so I can SHARE:

  • Encouragement – We could all use some of this!
  • What brings me joy – in hopes that others will share their joys
  • My struggles – in hopes that others won’t feel alone in their struggles
  • My story (with those who God prompts me to share with)– in hopes that others will also share how God has been evident in their story

What word will you pick to focus on for 2016?

P.S. There’s actually a One Word movement you can join:

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