A Time to Rest

By: Cindy Stepanek


One day my friend and I were sitting on a bench, drinking coffee and chatting about Matthew 14:22-33. We were talking about Jesus walking on water and Peter jumping out of the boat to go to Jesus. In the middle of our conversation she made the most amazing comment. “I have always been a water-walker. I jump in and go all out. I feel like Jesus is telling me it is time to sit in the boat with Him and float down stream.” I have not stopped thinking about her comment and find myself replaying it over and over in my head. She has caused me to rethink Matthew 14:22-33 and look at it from a different perspective. Normally when I read this story, I think about Peter’s boldness and the other men’s inactivity. But not today, for the first time in my life I noticed verse 32, when Peter and Jesus climbed back into the boat, the wind died down.

I have always thought everyone was supposed to be like Peter and walk on water. I also had the misconception that if I didn’t walk on water, I didn’t have faith. I no longer need to feel guilty because I cannot always be a water walker. I don’t think she knew her simple comment has opened my eyes to different seasons in the boat.

When I revisited this story I could see the purpose of each aspect of the boat. There is a time to sit in the boat and learn who Jesus is and develop my faith. If I don’t know who He is, I cannot walk on water. It is only when I know Jesus that I can walk on water and grow closer to Him.

There is a time to step out in faith and get out of the boat. In that season, I can trust in the Lord to stretch my faith and grow stronger in my walk with Him.

Finally, there is a time to rest in the boat with Jesus and worship him as I go through the storms in life. 

Which season are you in?


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