Write Your Own Story

By Cathy DiBella

*Watch this video first or this blog will not make sense.”

Let me say right here – this blog is NOT about losing weight or eating healthy. I’m just using the commercial to make a point. I promise.
The whole point of this blog is what comes up at the end of the commercial. “Progress is rewriting your own story.” And that’s what Santa is doing. Even though he is one of the most popular figures in the world and is known for his appearance, he decides he’s not happy anymore in his skin.

Sometimes, even as motherless daughters, we are given a story about our lives but we don’t feel comfortable in it. There are other times when we are not given a story at all so we have to write our own. Actions that fit us and not what our mother or our families did. This is my case so I changed the quote to “Progress is writing your own story.”

If you decide you’re not happy with your life and how you’ve been living it, you can too. Just because that’s the way life has always been done doesn’t mean you have to live the same way. Many times, the example that we’ve been given is not healthy and it’s to our benefit to do life differently.

You are strong enough and have the option to do whatever you want. Even if you feel stuck in your past, you can change. It may be hard and it will take a while but you can do it. You don’t have to repeat the ways you’ve been taught. You can start a new way and influence those in your life now. Write your own story. Do what inspires you. Do what makes you happy. Move forward and out of your past. You may not get an Audi but you’ll get a better life. One you can smile and feel good about.

You don’t have to do it alone. You have sisters in this ministry that will help you and go with you. We have classes that will open your eyes to many things and give you the support and tools to improve your life and relationships.

Our lives will never be perfect but they can be greatly improved if we seek help and have a desire for a better life. With God’s help and those who have been through what you’ve been through, we can do it together.

So how will you rewrite your own story?

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