Molded By Hands Of Gold

(Remember whose you are!)

By Cestiny Crowther

You cannot help
Who you love,
Or yet, who loves you.
Maintain a beautiful soul.
Don’t turn ugly
At the will of another.
Everyone is a creation,
A masterpiece,
Molded by hands of gold.
We are complicated creatures,
With a “simple” road-
Living – Wow!
It can be hell sometimes.
But, other times,
It is just plain awesome!!
And the blessings pour forth,
And remind you there is a reason!
Your hands will be cleansed,
If you ponder long enough,
As will your spirit,
If your heart remains open.
Don’t shun love.
When you aren’t looking for it,
It is running right toward you,
Directly targeting you.
Circles, illusions,
Tough decisions to make.
Just ask for His help,
He’ll be there
For your sake.

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