New Podcast – Ages & Stages of Loss: The 30’s

Did you experience mother loss in your 30’s. If so, there are lots of women who understand your journey. The newest podcast features Mary Ellen Collins, our Founder and Executive Director, sharing information and stories of loss in this period of life. Click on the Podcast” tab, listen in, and share with other motherless daughters.

Previously, we talked about the process of individuation. Mother has occupied a priority spot in your life, regardless of whether or not it was a nurturing relationship.  Starting in adolescence, you start discovering who you are as an individual. You realize the interests, passions, goals, values that are unique to you, aside from your family of origin.  Relationships form outside of the family unit, widening your community of contacts. Eventually, you form a family of your own while advancing your career goals. Along with that come many other commitments, projects and new experiences. Life kicks into high-speed mode.  There are so many demands on your time.

The mother-daughter relationship changes over time with your stage of development. As an adult, the roles in one another’s lives change with the circumstances. Mother may become a coach, baby-sitter, friend among many other roles. Your lives become intertwined in different ways.

Losing your mother while in your 30’s can have lasting impact. Every situation is unique, but all of us share common challenges that establish a sense of community. The Motherless Daughters Ministry has created a variety of opportunities that provide a safe environment to share experiences, challenges and recognize the tools you possess to navigate this new existence. This NEW redesigned website makes it easier than ever to connect and utilize the resources.

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