The Phone Call That Changed My Life

We remember, in detail, those moments that changed our lives. When triggered, those feelings and emotions wash over us like a massive wave. As we reminisce, there are secondary experiences that emerge as a significant part of our story.

Julie Thompson, a Motherless Daughters Ministry volunteer, and blog writer, shares her story here and in a number of blogs that can be found on our website. Just type her name in the search bar to see a list of her writings in our library of more than 300 blogs.

The Motherless Daughters Ministry serves women who have lost or missed the nurturing provided by a mother. Our resources will also be helpful for those who are guardians for motherless daughters under the age of 18. Whether they are biological, adoptive, surrogate, or unlabeled, losing the person who fills that need is devastating. We provide a community of support for all women because mother loss penetrates every dividing line created by mankind.

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