Kimberly Hill Geiser, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

I needed to be alone from the distractions and duties of world and day-to-day life to examine me and to get correction for me and to evaluate me as to why I had feeling of being not only different, but not equipped on levels the way others are. I needed to submit and give back to me for the first time in my life.

I knew I lost the [her] body at age 19 and never knew I never had a mother.  I was the 0-6 group and this was ok.  Thank You Lord that it was not me all along. I always knew this, but the confirmation was my most healing of the weekend. This was the biggest tool the devil has been able to use against me my entire life, but no more, he is truly defeated. I realized my brother also was under-mothered. I am still in WOW over this.

My small group was amazing on another level. We connected, strengthened encouraged and cried with each other’s breakthroughs, a little bit of heaven on earth. 

I am truly changed. This has released me from the bondage I have been in for 571/2 years. I am moving forward in all areas of my life as I had always been told it was me by my Mother who was the problem, but I do not accept this anymore as I have the facts to reveal the why and I now have confirmation it was not me, but my Mother who could not give to me from an empty vault. I have stood for years on the promises of Jesus saying from the time I discovered I was to be a Mother, I would not as was done to me and I have not. I have claimed to be a generational curse breaker, strongholds and chains and standing firm for my children and family. I believed this, but now I understand how powerful this statement was and is now. God has prepared me for such a time as this through my journey to be used to lead others to healing.