The Scroll

By: Cindy Stepanek

Matthew 18:10-14

One of the buttons that Satan uses to send me into Crazy Town is the news. I realize that it is more opinion than fact and quite often used as a tool to bias the public’s opinion. I know it is important to be informed and stay current but in all honesty, it brings about anxiety and fear for my family, friends, country and the list goes on and on. From there Satan leads me down the rabbit trail of my list of failures as a mother and how I am unforgivably responsibly for why my children are not perfect. Before I know what happened I have a long list of parental failures scrolling through my head. They all start with “If you were a good mom…” If that one doesn’t work he brings out the scroll that begins with, “If you were a good child yourself and not so rebellious…” This scenario can go on and on making me question my ability to be accepted by God. But in Matthew 18:10-14, Jesus warns us about looking down on others.

When I read verse 14 I find it encouraging because Christ tells us that “…His Father in heaven is not willing that any of the little ones should perish.” Because I am adopted into Christ’s family that means that God is my Father also. That means that the scrolls of failure used by Satan are no longer valid.

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