Blog Hall of Fame: Top 19 Blogs of 2019

By: Mary Ellen Collins

Every year we take time to pause and reflect on what God has been doing through the Motherless Daughters Ministry. We hope and pray that you feel loved and supported by the women here in this community.

Many of you have commented that our blogs have been so helpful to you on your mother loss journey. Because of this, we decided to create a Blog Hall of Fame! We used to do only the top 10 but since it was 2019, we will do 19! Enjoy!

Here are the Top 19 most read blogs from 2019.

  1. When Life is Hard and Your Mom is Gone by Heather Wolpert
  2. The Voice I Miss the Most by Julie Thompson
  3. Anniversary, it’s just another day, right? by Marisa Saenz
  4. Starting a Motherless Daughters Group – Getting Started by Mary Ellen Collins
  5. Mother Loss and the 40s: Loneliness, Regret, Identity Loss by Mary Ellen Collins
  6. A Mother’s Gentle Wisdom by Dottie Menkhaus
  7. Mother Loss and the 30s: Guilt and Regret by Mary Ellen Collins
  8. Mother Loss and the 20s by Mary Ellen Collins
  9. Mirror Image by Dottie Menkhaus
  10. The Last Goodbye by Dottie Menkhaus
  11. Mother’s Day – Here it Comes! by Mary Ellen Collins
  12. Mother Loss and the 50s: Transition and Regret by Mary Ellen Collins
  13. Fear of Loss by Dottie Menkhaus
  14. Year One in Heaven by Danielle Ilacqua
  15. Seeing in Black and White by Danielle Ilacqua
  16. Waves of Grief by Heather Wolpert
  17. The Individuation Process by Mary Ellen Collins
  18. I am a Motherless Daughter – Early Loss by Mary Ellen Collins
  19. Age of Loss and Stages of Emotional Development by Mary Ellen Collins

Wow! So, grateful for these writers who share their heart with us. Thank you!

Share in the comments section how these blogs have impacted you. We’d also love to know, what topics would you like to read about in future blogs?

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