Share Your Journey: Connect With Others Through Your Mother Loss Story. In these blogs, we weave together the diverse tapestry of experiences surrounding mother loss. Whether you've navigated this path through different circumstances, rest assured, someone has bravely penned their narrative to resonate and connect with you.

Dive into these heartfelt blogs. Each story is a thread in the fabric of shared experiences, a testament to the strength and resilience that unites us. Allow these words to resonate, to reach into the depths of your emotions, and find solace in the shared journey of mother loss.

The Journey Retreat

The Podcast Team | March 30, 2024

The Motherless Daughters Ministry’s flagship offering is  The “Journey Retreat: Healing the Wounds of Mother Loss One Step at a . . . Read More

Voices of Volunteers-Part 5

The Podcast Team | February 2, 2024

The Motherless Daughters Ministry (MDM) is blessed to have an active team of volunteers. MDM podcast administrator, Sarah Lynn Wells, . . . Read More

Season of Searching

The Podcast Team | January 19, 2024

A season can be defined as a period of time identified by a set of distinguishing characteristics. This episode features . . . Read More

I’m Fine, You’re Fine, We’re All Fine! 

C. A. Bleu | August 31, 2022

I like to write, as you can tell, but its hard to write about painful things. Things we all keep . . . Read More

Conversations in the Bathroom Mirror

C.A. Bleu. | June 29, 2022

If we are all being honest, I know I’m not the only one out there that seems to have brief . . . Read More

Birthday Blues

Kristin Mitchener | November 10, 2021

It’s my mother’s birthday on Friday. I never considered her birthday to be a trigger for my childhood trauma, but . . . Read More

Just Get Over It

Maya | November 3, 2021

“Just Get Over It”  “The worst wounds, the deadliest of them, aren’t the ones people see on the outside.   They’re the . . . Read More

108-Day Journey

Kristin Mitchener | October 6, 2021

“Let me know, let me know when I’ve got room to run” – Dermot Kennedy I’m very much moved by . . . Read More

My World Awakens

Kristin Mitchener | September 1, 2021

I’m sitting outside listening to the birds chirp their language of life and presence. Something about birds has always intrigued . . . Read More

Navigating Relational Conflict

Maya Megiddo | August 12, 2021

Choosing A Different Path Than My Mother Taught Me  Did you grow up in a home with an emotionally absent . . . Read More

Journey of Healing Part 3 – Seeing the World Through the Traumas of Our Past

Dottie Menkhaus | August 4, 2021

We filter our world through the traumas of our past. Our traumas build the lenses through which we view everything . . . Read More

Journey of Healing Part 2 - The Storms of Uncertainty

Dottie Menkhaus | June 9, 2021

With the storms of life comes uncertainty. The waves crash around us, tossing our boat around. We feel vulnerable. Will the . . . Read More

Journey of Healing Part 1 - Vulnerability in sharing my story

Dottie Menkhaus | June 2, 2021

I hate vulnerability. It is painful, uncomfortable, and frightening. I hate uncertainty, too. I want to be certain of everything. . . . Read More

Happy Mother's Day

Mershon Niesner | May 5, 2021

Dear Motherless Daughter, You’re probably not looking forward to Mother’s Day this year—or any year. I’ve been motherless since I . . . Read More

Ending The Pattern - Part 2 of 2

Maya (Guest writer) | March 28, 2021

When the girl is healed, the woman will come out. -Author Unknown A story lives within each of us. And . . . Read More

A Frenchman and a child

Kristin Mitchener | February 28, 2021

A Saboteur.  It sounds like a handsome, romantic, traveling Frenchman.  Oh, how I wish it were. After two decades of dumping on . . . Read More

That which brings healing

Kristin Mitchener | February 7, 2021

I am reading  The Memory Palace  by Mira Bartok. Her memories take shape as a house or maybe a castle. Nevertheless, . . . Read More

On the Journey to Medication Adherence

December 6, 2020

by Kristin Mitchener I’ve been trying to find a way to say without saying that I have a problem taking . . . Read More

F-E-A-R, Forget Everything and Run or Rise?

Mary Ellen Collins | August 30, 2020

How do we face fear living in this pandemic crisis? The Coronavirus lurks and waits to attack. The last four . . . Read More

The Sound of Peace

August 2, 2020

by Gina Ellis My childhood sanctuary was my grandparents’ home. I walked their land exploring nature. I danced under the . . . Read More

Searching for Joy in 2020

February 16, 2020

by Mary Ellen Collins 2020. That represents either the year we’re in or perfect vision. But it’s a decade year . . . Read More

Why I Loved Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

January 19, 2020

By Julie Thompson “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood. A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? . . . Read More

Write Your Own Story

May 19, 2019

By Cathy DiBella *Watch this video first or this blog will not make sense.” Let me say right here – . . . Read More

I Am Meant to Keep Going

September 23, 2018

By: Christine Fishel I’m attacking the almost year-long overgrown flower garden. Golden black-eyed susans have pushed their way through the . . . Read More

Impatience Is Pride? - 13 Points That Say It Is!

April 15, 2018

By: Mary Ellen Collins I recently heard an expert on biblical truths say that impatience is pride.  What?  No, I . . . Read More

The Curse of the Strong Woman

March 26, 2017

By: Christine Fishel I’m not a poet. And I know it. (See?) But this week I had to find a . . . Read More

Why Can't I Rest?

July 6, 2016

By Christine Fishel I’m so flippin’ tired! I can understand why I’m exhausted—my four kids, the fact that I haven’t . . . Read More

3 Things To Do When Your Heart Is Breaking

March 7, 2016

By: Christine Fishel My heart is breaking. My son is hurting. He’s only eight years old and the many things . . . Read More

5 Steps to Controlling Stress

Mary Ellen Collins | December 6, 2015

Rick Warren, pastor at Saddleback Church in California, is someone who I connect with.  He challenges my thinking and pushes . . . Read More

Mother Loss At the Movies: "The Intern"

November 11, 2015

By: Mary Ellen Collins I have to admit, I love going to the movies. The only problem is I cannot . . . Read More

Happiness is a Choice

Mary Ellen Collins | October 4, 2015

Today I am starting my day with positive thoughts.  I have realized this is a major source of my stress. . . . Read More

6 Lessons I Learned Moving From Darkness to Light

Julie Thompson | August 5, 2015

Light and darkness – two extremes. Light creates heat, darkness brings cooler temperatures. Light creates a feeling of safety, darkness . . . Read More

Feelings Are Not Facts

June 26, 2015

By: Mary Ellen Collins I am feeling pretty down today. Questioning everything about me. As in control as I may . . . Read More

Dirt Under My Nails

Jenny Crabtree | June 5, 2015

Spring is a wonderful time of year! I’m happy when my fingers are turning over soil, finding fat earthworms, planting . . . Read More

How Well Are You Sleeping...or not?

Jenny Crabtree | May 3, 2015

The subject of sleep (or better yet, non-sleep) has been on my mind this week.  We women juggle family, career, . . . Read More

The Women In My Mirror

April 26, 2015

By: Christine Fishel I am starting to look like my mom. I’m 47 years old, and I’ve never had much . . . Read More